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Postat: 2017 jan 01 4:52 pm Svara med citat
Info tagen från readme filen, men den aktiva forum tråden är här:
Alla pluginer finns för nerladdning här på download delen lr genom att följa länken ovan.
Pacenote plugin är för dig som vill hålla på med noter.

Pacenote Plugin (Version 1.10) for RBR 1.02 SSE

This plugin for Richard Burns Rally features a pacenote editor, an enhanced
pacenote callout handler, a camera editor, a car damage indicator and a
telemetry data recorder.

Pacenote Editor
* edit and save pace notes of all types of tracks (Standard RBR, add-on, BTB)
* add, edit and delete pace notes
* edit pace notes in normal driving mode
* edit pace notes while watching a replay
* changed pace notes are immediately active and recognized by RBR
(no reloading of the stage required)
* add arbitrary custom pace notes by defining new pace note IDs
* prevent the emission of AND/INTO/ONTO calls between adjacent pace notes
* move the callout of a pace note forward or backward dynamically without
actually changing the location of the pace note
* move by time (callout time)
* move by distance (callout distance)
* move by deceleration value "a"
(callout adjust with car velocity "v", [dist = 0.5*(v*v)/a])
Remember that the standard "callout distance" specified in the pacenote
options of RBR has always a fixed value (one square = 0.5s).
* configure the editor UI to suit your needs by grouping the pace notes into
user defined categories
* specify the index of the sound file to be played for a group of calls
* specify the sound file to be played for each pacenote call
* switch between different styles of pacenotes (descriptive, numeric ect.)

Additional features:
* jump forward or backward to any location on the stage in driving mode as
well as in replay mode
* halt and resume replay, e.g. to edit pace notes
* show enhanced FPS
* show camera position and direction
* show driveline bar
* show the HUD/DASH in replays
* mute pacenote callouts separately in game and replay mode
* suppress the "wrong way" message

* save the pace notes directly into the original DLS file while remaining
backward compatible (new IDs would simply be ignored by standard RBR)
* save the pace notes to a BTB "pacenotes.ini" file
* load pace notes from an INI file in BTB format (not limited to BTB tracks)
* export the pace notes in a tabular file format for importing into your
favourite spreadsheet application (TSV)
* map any custom call to a legacy call to be used by the standard RBR callout
handler if no plugin installed

Toggled by double clicking the LEFT mouse button.

Pacenote Callout Handler
* replace any pace note callout sound with custom OGG sound files
* emits already "visited" pace notes again if you move your car a bit
* emits pace note callouts during replay (optional)
* callouts mutable

Camera Editor, Dash Positions, Replay Speed
* edit the standard RBR cameras (cam_bonnet, cam_bonnet2, cam_internal) in an
easy-to-use dialog in driving mode as well as in replay mode (WYSIWYG)
* save the changes to the car specific INI file
* add, edit and save an unlimited number of user-defined cameras stored in a
separate config file (cameras.ini)
* edit the x/y positions of the mini and full dash
* save and restore the dash positions into/from a separate INI file

* slowmotion and fast forward in replay mode
* mute replay pace note callouts

Toggled by double clicking the RIGHT mouse button.

Car Damage Indicator
* lists the damage level of each part of the car in a sorted list
* sortable by part name or severity, ascending or descending

Toggled via the "Extras" menu in the Pacenote Editor.

Telemetry Data Recorder
* records a configureable list of telemetry parameters
* see the file telemetry.ini for details
* accessible via the camera editor window

Basically the window position and size can be saved for each window by closing
via the close button (the "X" in the upper right corner of the title bar).

Version History

1.10.0 2015-02-03
* optimized end scene hook

1.9.0 2015-01-19
* show replay hud and mute pacenotes switches in config file

1.8.0 2014-09-21
* added support for online plugins

1.7.0 2014-06-17
* added french translation and sounds

1.6.0 2013-08-31
* added czech translation and sounds
* suppress "wrong way" message (menu)

1.5.1 2013-03-03
* telemetry data recorder (D I S A B L E D)

1.5 2013-03-02
* fixed moving of dash at higher resolutions

1.3 2013-01-02
* show dialogs in countdown and endrace mode
* no save button in replay tab
* reset callout handler
* keep setting of "no link/sticky" attribute when adding subsequent notes

1.2 2012-12-21
* slowmotion and fast forward in replay
* mute callouts separately in game and replay mode

1.1 2012-04-07
* new special "Callout Adjust" pace note
* show dialogs in game menu mode
* load pacenotes from BTB formatted ini file
* "remove all" menu item

1.0 2012-04-01
* Initial version.
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