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Next Generation Physics Plugin

Inlägg av Tonycrona » 2017 jan 01 5:05 pm

Next Generation Physics (NGP) Plugin (PhysicsNG, Version 4.4) for RBR 1.02 SSE
Text kopierad från den aktiva tråden:
Samt readme filen.
Ngp är alltså ny fysik till bilarna i spelet, och är enligt mig ett måste att köra med.
Dom två aktiva rbr som godkänner 4.4 nu är Cz och Rsf.

As this plugin is not only for us Krauts to have more fun with RBR, this should be a place for international discussion, feedback and support. I will do my best to support foreign users here.


Since about summer 2012 work started in the highly secured WorkerBee Laboratory dev section for bleeding edge new technology.

As the project team doesn't like to bother the public with alpha or beta releases, it took its time to mature to a state that we are happy to release to you.

NGP offers completely revised physics and more for RBR (see the supplied ReadMe files in the archives for more details):

* optimized tyre parameters
* optimized surface materials
* bugfix for center diff handbrake release and left-foot braking threshold (now the setup values are actually used)
* bugfix for some calculations of drive shafts
* rear wheel drive RWD with mechanical differentials
* front wheel drive FWD with mechanical differentials
* new differential (Salisbury type with adjustable preload, throttle and brake lock)
* new motor (arbitrary torque curves possible) with better drag torque
* torque split front/rear all wheel drive AWD
* no-center diff all wheel drive (center spool AWD)

To activate this plugin, get all the stuff required from our download thread:

Next Generation Physics - Downloads

Simply copy the whole content of the plugin archive into the RBR installation folder.

With the plugin installed every car drives normally, except that new tyre and surface physics are active. Take your time to settle with the new physics. It's worth it!

To show the full potential of the Next Generation Physics, we have created some new dedicated cars to demonstrate the technical possibilities of the NGP plugin (see download thread).

We offer FWD, RWD and AWD cars.

To install the car models and proper car physics you can use the VDRMInstaller tool, do it manually or use your tool which you are familiar with. We suggest to use a copy of your RBR to test NGP, but it is not strictly necessary as no vital files, bits and bytes are harmed by NGP. smile

We recommend additionally to install some nice car sounds:

Car Sounds

Especially with the RWD it is important to hear the current power of the engine, because in RBR we don't have the butt sensor...

Needless to say that WorkerBee Laboratory has developed and verified this physics with access to full internal telemetry, exposing an amount of data even Formula One teams can dream of. Of course a lot of test driving was necessary, too.

That means technical basic data like wheelbase, track width, weight distribution, power etc. correspond, as much as possible, with the original real cars. Only in exceptional cases we had to make compromises because of optics (suboptimal vehicle models).

Have as much fun as we have with it and please give us some feedback here.

The head of WorkerBee Laboratory, Uncle Günni, likes to give special thanks to his project team mates Lamda and Viktor. These tireless drones supported the project without which it surely couldn't have been realized to the current state of art. We have never intended to release some intermediate crap just to remain in discussion.

Version History
4.4 2016-11-11
* bug fixes after intensive testing

4.3 2016-10-22
* new viscous coupling differential type for all diffs (center/front/rear)
* optimized differential handling
* optimized engine idle/stall handling

4.2 2016-02-20
* use correct labels in "Differential Torque" page ("preload"), depending
on the differential type
* tyres/materials evolution, improved tyres not suitable for
the surface (e.g. snow on tarmac etc.)
* changed mass and inertia of some movable objects for more variance

4.1 2015-12-27
* fixed power/coast diff issue

4.0 2015-11-19
* adjustable linear and progressive bump stops
* adjustable fast rebound (4-way damping)
* engine loses some power when some parts are damaged
* variable shift times
* better support very lightweight and heavyweight vehicles
* new dialog to select game language

3.1 2015-06-05
* tyres optimized
* optional single color gear change indicator
* support for big wheels with radii > 400mm

3.0 2015-03-14
* decreased performance of "wrong" tyres (dry on wet etc.)
* more decrease of performance with tyre wear
* reduce/remove downforce if front bumper/wing are damaged/broken
* allow negative downforce
* maximum clutch torque depending on maximum engine torque
* fixed weird engine behaviour after collision if damage is non-realistic
* set helper spring minimum length to 40% of helper spring length
* input controller filter for handbrake and clutch
* multi-color gear shift indicator
* adjustable threshold for playing the skid sound

2.4 2015-01-06
* fixed typo in readme
* removed FixUp from installation archive

2.4 2014-11-25
* new tyre performance parameter
* fixed loading of physics in quick rally mode

2.3 2014-11-15
* tarmac/snow improved

2.2 2014-10-12
* aero kit

2.1 2014-09-21
* improved support for online plugins
* set idle rpm of standard engine

2.0 2014-09-06
* setup parameter validation
* fixed high speed damping

1.11 2014-08-16
* progressive bumpstops
* improved high power turbo engine

1.10 2014-07-24
* same grip level for all cars
* optimized snow surface parameters

1.8 2014-05-20
* improved force feedback

1.7 2014-05-11
* adjustable force feedback sensitivity
* show/hide revision hint

1.4 2014-04-03
* variable tyre diameter

1.3 2014-03-28
* fixed engine idle
* clutch help adapted to new engine idle

1.2 2014-03-23
* drivetrain fixes
* optimized snow walls
* online-ready, activation codes in physics files

1.1 2014-03-06
* fixed restart of engine after wheels lockup

1.0 2014-03-02
Initial version.