Ngp car manager plugin "BÄSTA!!"

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Ngp car manager plugin "BÄSTA!!"

Inlägg av Tonycrona » 2017 jan 01 5:55 pm

Man måste alltså ladda ner bilen från länken här nedanför, om man inte redan har dom. Enbart bilarnas fysik som medföljer programmet.
Den har ingen egen aktiv tråd ännu, men finns med här:
Finns också att ladda ner på download här på forumet, lr på länken ovan.
Ett måste för att automatisera momentet att lägga in bilar.
Text från readme
Fixup plugin go to WorkerBee from GVRC forum. He is the one who created
them and gave new life to our favorite rally sim. I want to thank him also
for letting me pack his physics with the Car Manager and for some ideas
that i developed into the program.

I would like to thank also Myra from for the
article about Car Manager on his blog. He maintains the biggest news blog
for our favorite sim with all the latest releases, skins and tracks.

RBR Car Manager ---------------------------

This program is a car manager only for cars that have Next Generation
Physics (NGP).

It is designed to scan for the 3d models that you have already installed
in Cars folder and let you quickly choose a set of 8 cars for ingame After
the cars are selected you can launch the game. The program takes care of
the physics and models part.

It is also possible to install new cars. As of 9/9/2015 all 79 NGP vehicle
physics are included in the program (only physics). If you have already
all 79 3d models then all of the cars will be active and able to be chosen
in the car selection screen. You can add the missing 3d models by yourself
by placing the folder that contains the car model in ..\Cars folder of you
RBR installation and the next time you start the car manager the new cars
will be active. You dont have to change any .ini files or install any

There is also a possibility to add a new car (released after 11/Aug/2015 )
with its NGP physics from the tools menu.

During the car selection screen by right clicking on a selected car you
can choose an engine sound (.eng file) from the popup dialog. The new
sound will be remembered the next time you will use this car again. By
default all cars have the subaru engine sound. I have added a small
sample of engine sounds from my personal collection for you to choose. You
can choose any sound you want for any car you want.

I have added the possibility to save a set of 8 cars and load it quickly
in case you use it very often.

As this is my first take on programming and this project started as a
personal tool in case you find any bug contact me here:

Installation: ------------------

Extract all files in the root of your Richard Burns Rally installation
folder (we name it "<RBR-Root>" in the following sections).
If you dont want the engine sounds i have included then dont extract the
"Audio" folder.

If you want to use the engine sounds you will have to extract your
"audio.dat" file using the bin\dattool.exe.
Simply drag and drop the "audio.dat" file onto the "dattool.exe".
After having done that rename "audio.dat" to "".
Then you have to move the folder
for it to become the new
After that, you may remove

Run Car Manager from the RBR folder or create a shortcut.

Run as administrator if you have installed RBR in "Program Files" folder.

Notes: ----------

On the first run the program creates a backup of your cars and ini files.
In case you want to restore these settings you just have to select the
check box to restore physics. This will restore your original cars before
the installation of car manager.

Version history ----------------------

v1.0a 2016-12-29 WorkerBee
* Updated documentation regarding audio.dat
* include dattool.exe in archive
* added new cars, updated to NGP 4.4

v0.9 (9/9/2015)

angeloVZR 2015
WorkerBee 2016-12-29